JP Memorial, Riksgränsen

JP Auclair was our hero, rolemodel and good friend. Always a happy spirit, never afraid to get outside his comfort zone, exploring every part of the mountain, from the terrain park to the steeps. When he passed away 2 years ago, we knew the world freeskiing would never be the same. Many legends have passed through the years, but JP represented something bigger than most. He wasn’t the start of an era, nor was he the most technical jumper, the biggest heavy line charger or the wildest steep skier. We owe so much to so many, but what made JP different was that he seemed like he would never vanish. From the birth of modern freestyle with the first twintips, to the powder rocker revolution, JP was always present. Throughout his near two decade career he always stood out, managed to find a way to differentiate himself, and never faded in any way. It was with these memories in mind we gathered once again in the tiny resort of Riksgränsen, Sweden, where JP lit the torch of modern day freestyle skiing back in 1998, going bigger than the snowboarders at the classic event King of the Hill. It was once again time to celebrate the life of an icon, a pioneer, a father, husband, and friend. Here are a few moments in time, in an attempt to document this special gathering of fans, local shredders, legends and fun-lovers. Photos by Sofia:


Riders meeting for the hipjump contest.


Hanging out with mr Daniel Rönnbäck




Remember the Huntony grab?


No gopros allowed, Mattias Larsson getting down with the hi-8.


360 on the hip


Felix “Fellkan” Lundin boosting


The classic Riks backdrop


E Dollo and B Mile


Bottom booter getting sent!


Joona Kangas, backflip mutegrab contest


In true anti-competition fashion, the riders cast their votes for the winners of each category. Here’s Henrik making his voice heard.

Who won? I can’t even remember. Out of respect for the film camera rule (no social media around at night), and for keeping a shroud of secrecy around this magical event, I won’t post any behind the scenes/nightlife/hangout photos. Make sure to book your ticket to next years event instead, and come join the best times in skiing there is! See you next year!


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