After Lofoten, our camping caravan odyssey through the Norwegian valleys continued, yet again in search for snow after our brief surf vacation. We drove back to the mainland and camped out in Narvik for 3 days while waiting for the weather to clear up enough to skiĀ Skamdalsrennan, a local classic in Beisfjord, just south of Narvik. After 3 long days in the vans, playing backgammon and building campfires, we finally got a fresh dusting of snow and (somewhat) clear skies to ski it:


The view of Tverrdalsfjellet from our camp, with our objective just behind the shoulder on the left. The only downside to this mission was that the early spring had melted off all the snow below 300 meter vertical, so the first hour of the day was spent on climbing up slippery rocks and grass to get to the snowpack.


Somewhere after putting our skis on, we discovered what we at first glance assessed as bear cub tracks. Worried about bumping in to mama bear, we kept our eyes open as we made our way across the flats before starting our ascent.


I know it’s a bad photo – it’s from 400 meters with a pocket camera – but it is my first real life wolverine sighting. A bit relieved we weren’t going to have to deal with bears, we kept on walking. The wolverine remained close to us until it felt cornered and took off up the mountain. What a mystical creature!


Daniel and Simon on the peak, as the first sun rays of the day burst through the clouds.


Incredible views from up here, and missions for a lifetime.


Simon rappelling into the couloir, which is the steepest in the start before winding down a massive crack in the mountain.


A welcoming sight, looking down the first tenth of the run, covered in a thin but soft snow layer. This is after a week of rain and high temperatures so we were actually surprised to find decent conditions.


Simon practicing his steep skills


Daniel ripping some turns after getting the photos in the top of the chute.


Amazing ambience below these walls, what a place!


My first freshwater bath for a week, after doing the long hike back out of the valley. This was our situation throughout the trip, you build up courage and confidence by becoming ultra-smelly, and eventually you just have to get in the water. So worth it afterwards!

Next post will be about the Tamok valley, to which we left the morning after. The 5 centimeter dusting Narvik got ended up being three times as deep up north, so it was time to get back in the cars!


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