The Tamok Valley


4 rainy hours in the score-mobile later and we yet again found ourselves in the Lyngen mountain range. This time further south, a valley or two in from the ocean to find colder snow and more dramatic mountains. In Tamok, it’s as if we had teleported into a place much more alpine and serious than the other zones we had explored up until now. Some serious potential for steep skiing to be found for sure, and it’s a region we will have to return to again soon. With only 3 days left to explore Norway before we had to get to Riksgränsen for the JP Memorial, it was time to find some snow!


Our Tamok basecamp with private sauna, thanks to local legend Aadne Olsrud.


Sofia on the long approach to the northernmost subpeak of Rostafjellet, a zone we scoped from the road that looked like it held some potential for epic sunset light.




After 4 hours of walking it was time to get the skins off for the final bootpack.


Simon ready to rip


Standing on top of a fun and technical line at 10pm.


Despite three weeks of summer-like temperature, we found amazing, dry snow on two thirds of our descent!


Moments like these…living life to the fullest right here, after letting go of the brakes when the face opens up.


Sofia making her way down the valley after the sun had set on us. So impressed by the willpower it takes to climb a 1000 vert meters after only one “real” season of skiing. Can’t wait for more adventures with this one!


Our hideaway for cold returns from the mountain. Here I am improvising a waxing iron using a flat stone. It didn’t really work…

Lyngen, Lofoten, Narvik, Tamok. What a wild 3 weeks in northern Norway. I can honestly say I’ve never been this impressed by the beauty of raw, untouched nature before visiting these regions, and I will most certainly return as soon as possible. Norway we love you!

Next stop – Riksgränsen, and the annual JP memorial!


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  1. Matt Clark says:

    Hey Jacob, how’s it going?

    I’m planning a Norway touring trip for March/April, and hoped you might have some advice on destination. Looking at either Senja or Tamok. Senja seems and like a lesser-known Lofoten, but I hear Tamok has nice treeskiing – and as I’d be going with my girlfriend mellow-ish treeskiing is probably a better option than Lofoten-style couloirs and bigger alpine objectives – though it rarely seems to pop up on ‘classic’ Norway skitouring lists. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!



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