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So summer came and went, and the blog was put on pause mode. Over the course of three months, Sofia and I packed our entire life into our new home on wheels, our Renault Master aka The Score Mobile. After spending the past 8 summers in Indonesia, Australia, and the USA, we decided it was time to actually discover our home country of Sweden, and what better way to do it than from the road, taking advantage of the nation’s generous idea called “Allemansrätten”, a set of guidelines allowing anyone and everyone to set camp on any land, pick any berry or mushroom, and roam anywhere he or she likes. After coming home from Riksgränsen in early June, we set out on our journey, aiming to enjoy every minute of it, document it thoroughly, and not get too caught up in the social media frenzy or getting stuck in front of a laptop screen for hours trying to make a blog post out of every day. Now that the dust has settled and terabytes of multimedia has been backed up on hard drives, I feel more compelled to sitting down and trying to recap it all for you. It won’t be in-depth, but you will get the idea.

As we have been sorting through the photos, one thing became apparent to me. We forgot to document the bad times, or even the in-between days of cloudy skies or the boredom that sometimes takes hold on long trips like these. This phenomenon is one that becomes more common the more you travel and take photos of your life, and from a reader’s perspective it can give the wrong idea about our lives. I assure you that while it may seem like it at times, mine and Sofia’s lives are not all sunsets and warm swims in lakes. Not every camp spot is on a cliff in front of the sea. The cameras just don’t come out when we are parked on a highway rest stop in the rain, or when we spend five hours on a bench next to a pokéstop, evolving Pidgeys for experience points. With that said, here’s a photographic glimpse into the summer of 2016, and how we chose to live it:

Most photos by Sofia Sjöberg:


Packing the Score-Mobile. When you live on 6 square meters, only the essentials are allowed.


260 Watts of solar power has changed our life. Now we have the fridge running 24/7, as well as keeping our laptops, drones and cameras charged constantly. I strongly recommend anyone thinking of getting into the camping lifestyle to invest in this solution!


Been hanging out with my good friend and fellow barrel seeker Freddie Meadows whenever there’s been a storm on the charts. Here we’re probably in a deep conversation about atmospheric pressure shifts and sea bottom structures (hence Sofia’s photo from outside the room).


Deep inside what is in my opinion the best, and at the same time, sketchiest, wave in Sweden. And no, I will not tell you where it is. Go explore!


Freddie, the morning after one of our many epic sessions, watching the last remnants of the swell die out. It’s such a mystery sometimes how these waves can come out of a seemingly flat ocean and go on for hours, many times much longer than expected. This morning we slept in, thinking it would be flat after surfing late the night before, and to our great surprise it was still working at 11am…


Those of you who has followed my blog in the past knows that I have spent a lot of time on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. This year we truly got to experience the full scope of this beautiful landscape thanks to the van. Windmills and sheep somewhere on the isle of Fårö, just north of the main island.


Dinner spots like these makes this a place I can’t wait to return too.


Sofia at the Rauk area of Digerhuvud, Fårö. Rauks are rock formations, carved out of the softer limestone over the course of millions of years.


Dinner, beer, and the Baltic Sea.


Sofia playing on the rauks.


Pink sky at 10.30pm.


During our Gotland/Fårö stay we were blessed with some waves too. Despite summer being the slowest season for surfing in Sweden, we got a surprise swell, offering up shoulder to head high barrels in offshore winds. The water was almost too warm for a wetsuit, too. This wave is only a stones throw away from my family’s summer house on Fårö, although I’ve never seen it do this before!


Sofia taking 5 in the back of the van.


Exploring the southern tip of Gotland, Hoburgen. Nothing but empty spaces (and no Pokémon) here.


Sofia, with the Score-Mobile far in the background.


Playing with the Hexo, or steady companion on this trip. Taking selfies to the next level!


Rainy days in bed aren’t bad either.


Into the wild.



It hasn’t been all vacation, during the month of July we worked as editors for Bedroom and office combined. Wine helps with motivation.


Badminton games with the family (I lost).


Sofia checking out the infamous anarcho-sculpture Nimis on the west coast, made entirely from driftwood.





The surfing hasn’t been all barrels. Here, I’m getting a couple mini-peelers at Mölle, iconic surf town and classic point break. We didn’t get it big enough but I figured it was worth a paddle (hint: it wasn’t).



Just another epic sunset and dinner session, somewhere on the south coast of Skåne.


Oh, and we went and got touristy with it in Copenhagen too. What a beautiful city, I could see myself living here for a few years, in another timeline when I wasn’t a skier, or a surfer. Maybe as a poet?


Getting lost in the dense forests of Österlen, Skåne, Southern Sweden.

I probably have a hundred more photos I want to show you, but I’ll cut this short right here. As I’m writing this I am simultaneously packing my bags for, you guessed it, Bali. Off in a few hours with Sofia to our second home, where we will be spending most of fall. It’s time to sit down, unload hundreds of gigabytes of footage from this season and try to put together something for your viewing pleasure. And maybe catch a wave or two… 🙂

See you on the island of gods!



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    awesome as always!
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    Hej Jacob, är lite nyfiken på om du kört någon kalibrering av skärmen på din Mac eller om du bara använder skärmprofilen LCD som är standard? /M

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