Wow, it’s winter again!

The past three months went by quicker than ever, much thanks to the location Sofia and I decided to call home for the fall. The past 8 years we have been coming to Bali on vacation for longer and longer periods, but this year we went all in and decided to pretty much “live” on this amazing island, as in not looking at it as a vacation, but like home. Writing stories for ski magazines, editing photos and videos, working out, and just living life together with all of our awesome friends we have made there over the years. I think it’s something I could get used to!

The blog went back on pause mode, but now that we are back home in Stockholm and back to “reality” I do feel a bit bad about it. Writing this blog has served like a personal diary for me over the years, and I miss being able to look back and read about our adventures, not only looking at instagram photos that only document the very highlights of our lives. So here I sit in my mom’s kitchen again, looking through hundreds of gigabytes of photos and video, realizing it needs to be shared somehow, at least as a final backup in case a fire or earthquake destroyed our hard drives. So here we go, a three month Bali fall condensed into a blog post…hope you will like it:




After living in a van for 3 months, landing in the beautiful pool at SurfLodge Limasan in Bali is pretty much like arriving in heaven. The best thing about spending a long time somewhere is that you don’t have to hurry up and fill your days with activities. I think Sofia and I spent the first 3 days just sleeping in, eating food, watching movies and hanging out in the pool.




Low tide afternoons on the amazing beach, drinking coconuts and watching dogs.



The Canggu area is a must-visit if you’re in Bali. An explosion of epic vegetarian restaurants, surf shops and cafes scattered around the rice paddies, with something interesting or weird going on every day. Here’s Jamie O’brien jumping a dirtbike into the rice-field outside of the Deus restaurant. Normal.





Surf, surf and more surf, obviously. It’s the main reason I keep bouncing back here. My favorite secret spot one playful morning.



Thanks to my good friends at Asenne Surfboards i had the pleasure of meeting legendary shaper Bruce Hansel, who set me up with a new step-up board, that would later prove itself in 8 foot Padang-Padang. Thanks guys!



Early morning drives through the jungle with Sofia to secluded waterfalls is a common routine.


Towards the end of october, storms become more frequent. Watching the lightning from our balcony, good thing we had a tripod to catch some of it.



Rain also means nasty water. Sometimes the waves are just too good to stay on land, but you really make sure to keep your mouth closed, when you know the water has passed through at least 20 Balinese villages that all see the river as their main garbage disposal…


A rare photo that wasn’t staged. Our favorite restaurant in Canggu, the Piring Daun. Bintangs a plenty.





Exploring the amazing rice terraces around Bali. We’ve been here before but this time we made sure to arrive early, before the souvenir hawkers are awake, and before they block off the public road to collect an entrance fee to get a glimpse of the view. An unfortunate thing about Bali is the often poor tourist attraction management, where some places are almost impossible to visit because of the amount of hassle and the people bothering you. At 7 in the morning it was almost eerily quiet.


Jungle bed at Batu Karu coffee estate, Bali’s only 100% organically grown coffee plantation. Their accommodation is next level and the views are off the hook!


Morning view from their yoga deck. If I did yoga, I assume this would be the equivalent of say, skiing Alaskan spines.


Posing for our yearly christmas card.



It’s not all big missions half across the island. This beachbreak is a five minute drive from our house, but it almost never works. When you do get the right tide and swell combination, however…


No Indonesia visit is complete without an exploration trip. We felt like we needed to get out of Bali for a while, so we gathered a group of friends and chartered a boat in the Flores and Komodo archipelago. All I can say is – Do it – I’m just going to let the photos do the talking.



The Komodo dragons. So blown away seeing them up close in the wild. The world’s biggest lizard!




Traveling with this one never gets old. Best trip so far, and we’re only just starting!

So….what’s next? Big things in the works for the next couple of months, and you guessed it – it’s time to go skiing again. Off to our first location on wednesday, and it will be a domestic trip – Åre. I haven’t been up there for a few years so I’m really looking forward to it. Most of all I can’t wait to ski again, so see you there!


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  1. duddd says:

    Looks omagahazing!!

    Have you settled your winter plans? Chamonix with the van again?

    Any filming with the big companies this season?

    Best of luck, Jacob!

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