Jib Life: Urban Session, Nytt snowboard/ skidspel


Jib Life: Urban Session, Nytt snowboard/ skidspel
Jib Life
Ok so here it is. Starting next week we will be releasing a campaign through kickstarter.com. There will be a TON of options for supporters to get very exclusive items/statuses/behind the scenes access to development/and so much more, and these will ONLY be available during this campaign.

Support will start at $5 (which will get you into the game) and ramp up affordably from there so everyone can get a package that suits them and get into the game during development.

We have put together a video that explains the current state of the game as well as what we plan for the near future. AND YES it has actual gameplay footage that we cannot wait to show you.

Along side the campaign we will be doing some wicked cool contests, and some Q and A with some of our media partners.

Get stoked.
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