Snowpark close to Linkoping ?


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Hello !
Sorry for the english...
I will surrely come at Linkoping the next winter. And I'm trying to find the closest Snowpark.
Could you help me ?
I already search on the forum and I found Sälen, Kläppen and Kungsberget. But it's at more than 5h. There is a closest Park ?



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Tolvmannabacken in Kisa got two boxes upp i think, maybe one fatpipe.
Also in Norrköping there is a place called Yxbacken, they got Scandinavian Rails features both boxes & rails enough to make it fun. Not sure if they've set it up at all but give em a call or visit the slope just to shred some groomers. I prefer going to Yxbacken cause features are better but use to be kinda shitty shaped but always something, also just a 45 minute ride on E4 from Linköping.

Edit: Just so you know they are really depending on the conditions and when i last visit some years ago they just had two rails that you had to hike but better than nothing.
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You good also check out the resorts to the southwest of Linköping. Ulricehamn and Hestra/Isaberg which should be the closest resorts with pretty decent (for the south of sweden) skiing. But, let´s just face the facts, Linköping is not close to the mountains.....
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