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5 Best Battle Royale Games on The Free Apk Android Market

Battle Royale is the most popular gaming trend recently. The rules of this mode are relatively straightforward. There are 100 players that will be dropped randomly into a map. Only one player will be left alive at the end to claim the glory. 

After some specific time, the map will shrink, so the players are forced to move regularly to survive. There are various collectibles such as weapons and health potions to help the player endure through the intense battle.

A majority of the battle royale games on the apk app stores are free to play with the option to purchase character skins. So it is very convenient for everyone, including newbies, when joining the game. 

Do not hesitate, below is the list of the 5 most popular battle royale apk games to download on the Android market.

5 must-play battle royale titles with the highest downloads on the apk market


PUBG is one of the most successful titles of battle royale mode that started on the PC platform. Now, PUBG Mobile, developed by the giant Tencent, continues to deliver the success of this significant title on the android apk platform.

There are 100 players that will be dropped into the 8 km by 8 km island, but there can only be one final survival of each round. That is why battle royale mode requires every player to be decisive in their actions so that they can emerge as the last survivor and the ultimate victor.

Besides the freedom to choose the drop location at the start of the game, every player can decide what path to take to persist until the end. 

To help the player defend and advance against other players, there are a lot of weapons, armor, and health pickups that is distributed randomly around the massive maps. The players need to be always on the move to upgrade their gun arsenal as well as fighting other opponents.

Nonetheless, the most impressive feature of PUBG Mobile is the authentic 3D graphics and the intensive battleground, even on the Android version. The players can spend hours immersed in a detailed world with realistic gameplay effects. The authentic gun sounds of PUBG also contribute to the excellent gaming experience for the die-hard battle royale fan.

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Releasing a little later than PUBG on the PC and then on the Android market, Fortnite has made an impressive breakthrough to become the top place apk game on both PC and Android market.

The game is developed by Epic, one of the most respected developers, as well as the owner of the most popular game engine on the market: Unreal Engine. Epic has taken the battle royale game to the next level with their Fortnite release.

Choosing a completely different art direction compared to PUBG, Fortnite takes the creative choice of stylized and cartoony graphics, which is well received by the gaming community. 

The graphics and the fantasy game world of Fortnite appear with a vibrant and colorful palette. Moreover, the players are free to customize their character’s appearance, from the outfit to the parachute. This is the main income source of the fantastic and completely free to play Fortnite.

One of the most outstanding features of Fornite is the ability to let the player build defense walls and pathways anywhere in the environments. This had led the player to create their fortress to defend and stall out against other players. Fortnite is indeed the must-have game for every fan of battle royale mode.
Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is very similar to Fortnite, even with the graphics setting and cartoony theme.

Just like its name, everything in Creative Destruction is destructible. The players can build and destroy other player’s constructions with their customizable guns. 

Each construction will have different resistance levels, so the players need to continuously collect new gun upgrades scattered around the 4km by 4km map. 

There will be 100 players who are hunting for new weapons as well as collectibles, so you need to be quick on your movement as well as hone your aiming skills to be the winner of the match.

The game offers both first person view and third person view which is perfect for the battle royale mode. The player can use the third person view when they are moving to scout out the surroundings efficiently whereas the first person view will help tremendously when the player needs to focus down the scope of their gun.

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Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is the proud product of the well-known Garena company, which also offers a platform for a lot of popular PC games. Now  Free Fire, they aim to become the ultimate title in the battle royale genre on Android game stores.

To reduce the length of the game and push the pace of each round in a much faster speed, each round only lasts for 10 minutes. There are also only 49 players seeking survival instead of the traditional 100 player arena like other games.

One of the welcomed features of Garena Free Fire is the additional vehicles that the players can control and move around the maps. They have provided a better means for the players to switch position quickly to scavenge the scattered power-ups and new guns.

Nonetheless, you do not have to be the last man standing. There is a mode to let you create a 4-man squad to fight against other squads. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the survival sandbox mode with your friends and always have someone to watch your back.

Beside the squad features, the responsive controls of Garena Free Fire are solid and smooth, which delivers the best experience for both beginners and veterans of the battle royale game.

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To change the controls and the game orientation, offers the top down view for the player. This has increased the field of vision in the game considerably, as the player can navigate and spot out other players with ease.

The movement with the top down view is also a lot easier and smoother for a lot of beginners. The arena only contains 35 players so you have a lot of breathing room to decide your strategy for the rest of the match.

Last but not least, the game offers all the fundamental elements of a classic battle royale game. There are pickups, upgrades, and guns around the map. The players can still enjoy the intense moments of the cramped arena without the need of perfect aim.

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