Det är en Hemlighet

The most unanticipated low budget movie of the year. Documenting the lives of swedish people in norway and one really lost and confused english guy.

Enjoy. (In HD)
Ha det bra!
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  1. Chilla
    Chilla | 2012-11-24 03:17          

    you know what I think about the first part. I like the "allmost fall into the water" part better then de cheeps!

    you managed to make the swimming part really great from what footage you got, really nice to go between Andres ripped pants and intro running towards jump, juste awsm, again proof of the fact that youre a talant. the sunny clips from Ralle and Nicklas are really feelgood, nice colours, nunoverexposured! great. When they are playing around the "castle" and you edit to the music it sometimes looks a bit shakey. When you have allmost the same angle from the clips you put together it doesn't get as obvious and great, that's the time to use the "additive dissolve" to make it more obvious what you wanna do and not make the spectator believe that's just not a shakey clip

    I allso like the longboardpart, mysterious ashell, which I like a lot. I miss the glidecam though..

    The credits are just awsm, perfect swedish. And i LOVE the Logo, big time, you should seriously go for that.

  2. kevinMEkepil
    kevinMEkepil | 2012-11-23 23:47          

    @kevinMEkepil Lägg två klipp på varandra, dra ner opacityn på det övre klippet, klart.

    Tack så mycket!!
    Har försökt få den effekten förut men aldrig vetat hur man gör men nu förstår jag!

  3. ZackariasL
    ZackariasL | 2012-11-23 20:13          

    @kevinMEkepil Lägg två klipp på varandra, dra ner opacityn på det övre klippet, klart.

  4. kevinMEkepil
    kevinMEkepil | 2012-11-23 19:06          

    Sjukt härlig video!!
    Får en verkligen att längta till sommarens småäventyr!

    Men en fråga, hur gjorde ni redigeringen vid 11.46?
    Är det bara en sjuk lång övergång eller hur gör ni?

  5. OlaMelin
    OlaMelin | 2012-11-23 10:09          

    Ruskigt snyggt! Gillar framförallt delen som börjar 0:54.

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