Trailer: Wordup Media - Concrete Jungle

Searching and creating new places to ski. Finding places that's not meant to be skied. In a city, many miles from the nearest ski hill. Fueling up every night so we can survive in the white cold jungle, getting kicked out by cops, security guards or the law in general. Trespassing and vandalism just for the possibility of getting a usable shot. Many hours of work is getting down to just a few seconds of footage. We have been focusing on the skiing in the city, the opportunities you have and the whole lifestyle of being a urban skier all winter.

Featuring the talents of: Sjur Sætren, Magnus Nørsteng, Christian Nummedal, Emil Øygard, Martin Stuve Strøm, Martin Solhaugen, Vemund Venner, William Christoffersen, Thomas Iversen and many more.

Supported By: Fri Flyt, Hafjell Parken, Info Graffik, Hensel Lights and Downdays.

Shot on location at: Oslo (NOR), Umeå (SWE), Skeikampen (NOR), Hafjell (NOR), Sundsvall (SWE), Røldal (NOR) and more.

Directed by Marcus Schultz and Herrmann Stenerud / Co-Directed by Emil Øygard / Cinematography by: Herrmann Stenerud, Emil Øygard and Marcus Schultz / Edited by: Marcus Schultz / Music: Flume - Left Alone feat. Chet Faker (Ta-ku Remix)

World premiere at John Dee in Oslo 31. August 2013. Tickets out for sale in July. More info will be on our website shortly.
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