Trailer: Nuit de la Glisse – IMAGINE

IMAGINE an entire life lived on a knife's edge... forever dreaming up new adventures, new projects.
Thierry Donard and his team have set out to bring you closer to these modern day heroes, to share their lives and their emotions with you. 95 minutes to discover for yourself the passion of this special world, bringing you to the heart of the action.
Cinema Release: December 6, 2013

Ski: Jeff Annetts, Sam Favret, Mickael Lamy, Jeff Leger, Wille Lindberg, Nate Siegler, Drew Tabke, Casey Wesley
Speeriding: Ueli Kestenholz, Dominik Wicki, Florian Wicki
Snowboard: Matt Annetts
Surf: Manoa Drollet, Matahi Drollet, Keala Kennelly, Alain Riou, Hira Teriinatoofa
Wingsuit: Jokke Sommer, Ludovic Woerth, Mathias Wyss
Kayak: Shannon Carroll, Mariann Seather, Katrina Van Wijk, Martina Wegman
Kite Surf: Tetuatau Leverd, Manutea Monnier, Mitu Monteiro, Rony Svarc
Stand-Up Paddle: Patrice Chanzy, Aude Lionet-Chanfour
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  1. Lalantha
    Lalantha | 2013-10-06 10:23          

    Jajemen...Blir fett!

  2. Tomtefar
    Tomtefar | 2013-09-26 15:18          


  3. Fyllehund
    Fyllehund | 2013-09-22 21:03          

    kommer bli riktigt grymt, mycket feeling och kärlek bakom detta !

  4. Ashtraymofucku
    Ashtraymofucku | 2013-09-22 16:56          

    1:41 say whaaat

  5. Lasse_are
    Lasse_are | 2013-09-21 23:17          

    Detta verkar lovande.

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