Headbud Crew - Daily Bread

After more than a decade in producing ski movies, the Headbud Crew strikes back one more time with an action packed short-film. Follow the crew all over the alps as they are searching for some new, exciting challenges to prove their skills and push the boundaries of what is shred-able.
Skiing is what we love and what we can’t live without.
It is our Daily Bread.
A film by
The Headbud Crew
Directed and produced by Fabi Hyden
Cinematography by Fabi Hyden, Sebastian Höllwart, Markus Studer,
Edited by Fabi Hyden
Photography by Christoph Schöch
Featuring the skills of Luggi Brucic, Dennis Ranalter, Toni Höllwart, Dani Maurer, Maxi Noppeney, Viktor Moosmann, Roy Kittler, Josh Absenger, Tobi Gratz and Friends
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  1. Emillarsson
    Emillarsson | 2013-09-23 15:27          

    delen på Nine Knights hoppet var sjuk!!