Trailer: Garchois Films - RISE

It is said that travels bring a new perspective on the world, but also a new look at yourself and your familiar environment. Discovering the life of mountain people in countries very different from ours changes our approach of skiing and Mountain. With these new experiments, we return from these trips with the following teaching: the Mountain, as these people live it, is an entity, where every aspect is important to be able to live it fully.
As Western skiers we often privileged the only way that we were interested in: the way down, and set aside the rest. But now we will also have to concentrate on the ascent to rise from the ground. Learning alpine climbing techniques allow us to reach places and runs that we thought were impossible.

With Stian Hagen, Pat Vuagnat, Anne-Flore Marxer, Lucas Swieykowski, Thibaud Duchosal, Phil Meier, Mathieu Imbert and many more

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Garchois Films / Eye of the Storm Production 2013