BROKEN, by Viktor Wallmark

A shortfilm and season edit about the consequences of giving everything. About reaping the fruits of the labour you've put in. In this film, the bad fruits especially.

I want to thank everyone for this season, It's been a hell of a time, even though it ended in a bit of a rot for me. This film has been pretty emotional to make, I have tried to show the feeling of getting hurt badly and not being able to do what you've put so much into. All this time on a couch really teaches you stuff. It's been a journey I hope I'll never have to go through again, but also feel a lot more capable to manage if I ever have to.

Special thanks to my buddy Carl Malm for filming so much of this. Big up to Oscar Lindgren for getting through an even worse injury. Thank you to my roomies, Angelica, Micke, Magnus and Carl for serving me like a king when I couldn't walk. Thanks to Bevan and Kayli for getting a cripple home and also all my friends in Cervinia for being there and for the season.

Big thanks to BLIZZARD SKIS and TECNICA BOOTS for making bomb equipment to ride on.

Also Fatmaps for hooking me up with premium technology for pathfinding on the mountain.

FUN FACT, the text BROKEN in the film is actually drawn with a brush made from the scar I have on my ankle.

All skiing by: Viktor Wallmark
Production and editing: Viktor Wallmark
Camera: Viktor Wallmark and Carl Malm

Music: Kai Engel - Moonlight Reprise and Madi Banja - Gå på tå
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