BALTIC SUMMER SURF - Jacob Wester Adventures #1

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In the very first episode of the Jacob Wester Adventures, Jacob and Sofia take their camper van "the Score-Mobile" on a search for surf in Sweden - not an easy task during the calm summer months. On the Baltic island of Gotland, between pre-season workout sessions and foraging for mushrooms, they eventually find what they were looking for. Jacob's younger brother Oscar takes a break from his busy skiing schedule and joins up for his first proper surf session in Swedish waters, and Jacob scores an epic session at a secret spot.

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Filming and editing: Sofia Sjöberg and Jacob Wester

Miseryslims - Most Inexperienced Man
Dexter Britain - Seeing the Future
Sro - Teach Me Kungfooo
Pachyderm - The Big Blue Song (Instrumental)
Normcore - Storm
Licensed under Creatice Commons 2017 -

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