You have to slide in order to float.

When the snow is so deep, so light, and so dry that your body feels weightless and nothing except the wind makes a sound, skiing changes into something entirely new. A strange feeling, that can only be described to the uninitiated using very rough translations; like gliding on a pillow of air or surfing without surface tension. When you finally experience it, your mind changes forever and you find yourself craving more, perhaps to the point that you move to the mountains and start tracking weather systems weeks in advance.

When the ski lifts surrounding Chamonix close down due to heavy snowfall, the Mont Blanc becomes an unforgiving place, with deep slabs of fragile snow forming on the steep and rocky mountain faces. The slightest weight shift can trigger devastating avalanches, with nowhere to escape but over cliffs and into crevassed glaciers. Luckily, 12 kilometers away, via a tunnel through the tallest peak in the Alps, the abundant snow is deposited safely in the thick forests of Courmayeur, waiting to be torn to shreds. This is Float/Slide.

Filming by Emil Granöö
Skiing and editing by Jacob Wester

Ocean - ocean

Thanks to WearColour, Rossignol, Look Bindings and Oakley
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