FERÐIN - SURFING ICELAND - Jacob Wester Adventures #4


In the middle of the North Atlantic, unsurfed waves have been breaking onto her black volcanic rock for centuries, with no witnesses other than the fishermen and farmers who toil on these ancient grounds, oblivious to the untapped potential off their shores.

For the last few decades, surfers have braved the cold and slowly mapped the countless bays, fjords and beaches exposed to a plethora of swell directions, constantly exposed to the whims of the icy winds of the Arctic. This is a document of a week in October, featuring a crew of wide-eyed Swedes in thick wetsuits, exploring a new universe and finding gold at the end of the rainbow. This is FERÐIN.

Filming and editing: Sofia Sjöberg

Cities Beneath by This Patch Of Sky
Empty Promises by Ethan Rank

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