Volkl RTM 84 UVO 2017 Ski Review By Simon From Edge & Wax

The RTM is back by name but has been given a complete overhaul. For this year it features the new 3D Ridge construction which has simply made the ski more efficient; efficient power transfer and edge grip, reduced swing weight, enhanced integration of the binding system through milled out slots on either side of the raised wood core. The attachment of the binding has widened by more than 15mm which is almost 40% which is huge. The result is a ski that looks space age and feels so stable and yet relaxed and agile when you need it.

The other major addition is UVO or ‘ultimate vibration object ‘which has come from the race program. We love it when technology comes down from race as it only means one thing; more speed and control with less energy spent! This ski is so stable at speed and loves nothing more than carving big arcs on piste. The UVO works like a counterbalance moving the opposite way to the vibration in order to cancel them out helping the ski to maintain contact with the snow more of the time and with a PTex 4500 super fast World Cup base then it will be difficult to be caught.

The new rocker shape feels good too and less nervous than the old full rocker and the camber underfoot feels reassuring on hard snow. Pretty good off the side of the piste with tip and tail rocker combining well together and the sprung steel sheet in the core layup gives good energy and a damp ride.

Ski Specification

Geometry: 131mm/84mm/112mm
Turn Radius: 17.9m @ 177cm
Terrain: All Mountain, Piste, Off Piste, Powder
Core Material: Beech/Poplar, Sprung steel laminate
Camber/Rocker: Tip and Tail Rocker, Camber underfoot
Technology: UVO, 3D Ridge Core, 3D Sidewall, Wideride,
Bindings: Marker IPT Wideride

Ski Profile

Snow Conditions: All Conditions, Powder
Ski Terrain: All Mountain, Piste, Off Piste
Skier Level: Advanced/Expert

What does Si think?

We love the look of the new RTM 84, it looks and feels like it means business even before you step into the wideride bindings that give a really nice reassuring snap when you do. Right from the first couple of turns I felt like the ski was going to look after me so long as I was prepared to commit! Point down the quickest way and hold onto that smile because it is going to be fun.

This ski is for you if.... you are a thrill seeker looking to blow some boundaries and record some high speeds on that app you have (being safe at same time obviously!) doing your best to outwit the UVO (good luck) and get down the mountain with style and enough energy left to do it again and again.
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