The Empire Of Winds – Trailer

Over the last 12 years, I have regularly been packing up my ski bag and making the trip to Argentina, drawn by the hostility of the mountains and the potential to explore. Patagonia is the promised land. These mountains are the place where every skier can feel like they are pioneering a new destination for skiers after them to explore. As an amazing winter was wrapping up in the Southern Hemisphere last winter, I felt Patagonia’s call to return and explore. This time around it would be slightly different. Johannes Hoffmann and I decided it was time for the ultimate South American road trip. Setting out with local skier Lucas Swieykowski and a film crew, we would attempt to drive and ski our way across four of the five Argentinian provinces in Patagonia , with a goal of skiing as many peaks as possible along the route down to the well known village of El Chalten.

Thibaud Duchosal
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