Full Circle – Jacob Wester

This winter marks my 15th year as a professional skier, meaning I have spent half my life skiing as a job. I am incredibly lucky to be able to lead this lifestyle, and throughout the years I have grown to appreciate all the aspects of skiing, from the strict regimen of slopestyle competition circuits to the unlimited freedom of the backcountry. I wouldn't be the skier I am today without experience from the entire spectrum of sliding on snow, and this video tries to convey that message. Although I am now entering for me uncharted territory in the ski-mountaineering domain, I will never forget my roots, and my style will always be influenced by my history. The coming winter will see the start of my first full movie project, the details of which will remain secret for now. Here's to another fifteen years of awesomeness!

Presented by Rossignol.

Produced by Marcus Ahlström
with additional footage from:
Tv Åre, Sofia Sjöberg, Emil Granöö and the Wester family.
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  1. Marcus_Ahlstrom

    @johan @Rajden Stort tack till er båda! Värmer gott att höta då jag lagt ner en hel del tid på den här filmen :)

  2. kappakomplett
    kappakomplett | 2018-10-22 17:23          

    Snyggt gjort!

  3. Rajden
    Rajden | 2018-10-22 08:24          

    Kan vara en av de bästa och mest välgjorda kortare dokumentär/skidåknings edits som gjorts. Cred till Marcus!

    Och grattis till milstolpen Jacob!

  4. johan
    johan | 2018-10-19 08:21          

    Yeah! bra jobbat @JWester och @Marcus_Ahlstrom

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