Salomon TV | Skier vs Drone

2018 Olympic Bronze Medalist skier racer, Victor Muffat-Jeandet, faces off against 2x World Drone Racing Champion, Jordan Temkin, in a dual GS race to see who is the fastest down the mountain.

Filmed at Snowbird, Utah

Skier: Victor Muffat-Jeandet
Drone Racer: Jordan Temkin
Snowbird locals: Billy Farrell, Andrew Harris, Richard Duckworth, Burke Weir, Dave Powers, Steve Bagley, Michelle Wilson

Produced and Directed by Mike Douglas
Concept by Nico Vugnier
Produced by Mike Gamble
Executive Producers: Bruno Bertrand & Benjamin Aidan - Salomon
Cinematography: Mike Gamble, Zac Ramras, Darryl Palmer, Mike Douglas, Chris Seagal, Jordan Temkin
Aerial Photography: David Amirault
Phantom Camera: Mike Gamble
Camera assistant: Connor Neilson
BTS Producer: Darryl Palmer
Production Assistant: Joe Johnson
On-site producers (Snowbird): David Amirault, Brian Brown, Tess Hobbs, Bruno Bertrand
Still Photography by Matt Crowley - Snowbird
Race coaches: Kevin, Quincy
Edited by Mike Douglas & Mike Gamble
Original Score, Sound Design & Mix by Julian Lindenmann
Colour Grading by Mike Douglas
Associate Producers: Anthony Bonello & Susie Douglas
Additional footage courtesy of the Drone Racing League

Original Score, Sound Design & Mix by Julian Lindenmann
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