Get Closer to Nature with Antti Autti

Your mind works best under the open skies. Lungs run best on fresh air. You were built to be outside.

Get Closer to nature with Antti Autti as he travels north to the arctic circle and into a world filled with an endless thirst for the mountains, snow, and nature. Settling into a routine far removed from daily life, Antti and his friends set up camp deep in the mountains of northern Sweden. Antti reminds us that the pure joy of riding lies not in the deepest powder or the largest cliff, but rather in the company you keep and the moments along the way.

Snowboarders: Antti Autti, Keisuke Yoshida
Production: Anttisworld , Kota Collective
Filming and editing by: Matti Ollila / Kota Collective
Additional filming by: Iisakki Kennilä
Photographer: Tsutomu Nakata, Ilmo Niittymäki
Location: Vassivagge, Swedish Lapland
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