ICELAND REVISITED - Jacob Wester Adventures #9

Surfing in the North Atlantic ocean, far away from the crowds, sharing perfect empty waves with your close friends, on an island surrounded by surf in every direction. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, turns out it sort of is. Online videos make these kind of adventures seem a lot easier than they are. In reality, going to Iceland on a surf trip you better learn to appreciate countless hours of driving, howling winds in any direction but offshore, tides that will play tricks on you (if the waves look good you've missed it), and short windows of light when every variable has to match up. We knew it would be challenging but we had no idea we would only get a few hours of really good surfing in two weeks...

We quickly learned we had to ignore the trees to truly see the forest, and turned our attention to the ancient landscape around us. The snow-capped mountains, blue fjords and green canyons, glaciers and their rivers leading to black sand beaches. Any decent waves coming our waves were accepted with gratefulness, any disappointment when rounding a final corner on our hunt for surf quickly brushed off. A rare clear night taken advantage of to gaze at the Gods painting the blackness green and blue.

This is a visual tour of a piece of land that have taught me lessons of patience, humbled me to the forces of nature, and blown my mind with her immense beauty. This is Iceland.

Sofia Sjöberg
Maceo Frost

Jacob Wester

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