Alpine Skiing Meets Big Mountain Freeriding

Freerider and alpine skier, Jérémie Heitz, challenges Daron Rahlves for a head-to-head giant slalom race in big mountain terrain.

Jérémie Heitz is known as the fastest freerider out there. With a background in racing, and extensive knowledge of high altitude mountaineering, his films have forced skiers to rethink the impossible. Daron Rahlves is a legendary alpine skier and Olympian. His skills and style inspired Jérémie’s generation to push their skiing further. Each brought their own vision and expertise to the starting gates.

With a large crew for safety, production and logistics, there was no room for error. Safely setting the course and installing the gates was the first challenge. The Hohberghorn, near Zermatt, is a nearly vertical face that can only be skied if the conditions are perfect. Between preparation days and waiting periods, Mother Nature was in charge and made the rules. When the stars aligned and the perfect race day arrived, tension was high as Jérémie and Daron prepared to drop in, ready to take on fresh snow, high speeds and a face full of glacial ice right below their skis.
At the end of the day, it was left to Jérémie and Daron to attempt the impossible. While only one could claim the title, everyone involved took home with them a lifetime of stories to share.