Powder Express

Sometimes rethinking our ways can leave room for new possibilities, even better than the old ones.

We wanted to try out a new way of travelling to the Alps, without being dependent of airplanes or having to spend thousands of miles behind the wheel. A better way to travel.

We decided to take the train from Sweden to Switzerland. In a period of 10 days, our plan was to travel from Stockholm to Zürich, and then stop by 3 different ski resorts before heading back to Sweden. Kind of like a road trip, but leaving out the car.
A rail trip.


Peter Nilsson

Emelie Eriksson
Olle Regnér
Peter Nilsson

Film & Edit:
Erik Nylander

Photography & Drone:
Martin Wichardt

Joakim Rissveds / Chimney Group

The Mosvold Hotel
Süperstar Orkestar
Professor P & DJ Akilles