ODE TO THE STEEPS - Jacob Wester Adventures #10

If you has asked the 20-year old me if I thought I would ever spend half a day climbing a steep mountain in crampons and with ice axes in my hands, only to billy-goat my way back down a chute barely a ski-length wide, without a single turn in powder snow, I would have thought you are crazy for even asking such a question. Leaving the terrain park for the backcountry, my only aim was to find the deepest snow with the least effort possible, and I didn't mind catching a ride with a helicopter or a snowmobile to get to it. Fast-forward a decade and suddenly I find myself in a harness with climbing gear attached, plotting out ways to connect hanging snow-fields on airy walls in the Mont Blanc massif. People often ask me what I find so alluring, what is the reasoning behind exposing myself to all these dangers, and what is the reward?

ODE TO THE STEEPS is a short movie compiling some of my best shots from 2018, as well as some new views of some of the big lines I skied during the winter. It aims to explain some of my thoughts behind this strange niche of experiencing the mountains. It is about growing as a skier and expanding your mind, to zoom out and see the big picture of this wonderful adventure we get to be a part of. It's realizing that there's more to what we do out there than just the quickest way down!

Jacob Wester
Emil Granöö
Ludo Chauchaix

Jacob Wester

Tomás Novoa - Primavera
Deer in a Headlight (instrumental version) - John Lingard
Dwell - Be Still the Earth
Quest - Amick Cutler

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