CLOSE TO THE EDGE - Jacob Wester Adventures #11

In the big mountain arena, there are many variables that at any moment can turn against you. As freeskiers, we know we are on our own as soon as we leave the marked trails, and that we have to deal with any dangers alone. Despite carefully studying the conditions, the chosen line, analyzing every possible scenario, things don't always come together in the perfect way. But it's not always avalanches, crevasses and bad weather that we have to watch out for, as unexpected dangerous situations can arise faster than we think.

On this February afternoon, we had our sights set on the Hanging Gardens line on the famous Pas de Chevre face, just off of the Grands-Montets ski resort in Chamonix, France. The snow was cold, the wind non-existent and we had carefully scoped the face from both land and drone.

Dropping in, I was blown away by the snow quality on this often sun-affected mid-mountain west face, and as the indescribable excitement of making fast powder turns in the sun took over my senses, I realized I wasn't entirely sure of where I was going. When I came around the corner at the end anticipating a clean exit, nothing but air was below my ski tips. I had gotten lost, in a very bad place to be standing around...

Skiing by: Jacob Wester, Tom-Oliver Hedvall, Morten Grape (André Dalkarl and Adam Müller not shown)

Filming by: Emil Granöö and Sofia Sjöberg

Editing: Jacob Wester

Music: Words (B&G) - Assaf Ayalon
Out in the Cold - Josh Leake