David Wise Sets World's Highest Air - Quarterpipe to Banked Landing

Two time Olympic gold medallist David Wise launched 11.7 meters (38 feet and 4 inches) above the coping of a quarterpipe to banked landing, logging the highest air yet on this style of jump! Audi Nines once again played host to a record breaking feat at the incredible set up in Sölden, Austria.

Designed and co-created by David, with the Audi Nines crew and the ultimate Schneestern build team, this design has been a year in the making. Already on Day 1, Wise took advantage of optimal weather conditions to test out the event’s 10-meter-high quarterpipe feature.

“I was just enjoying myself and I started going a little higher each time,” said Wise. “I never got to the point where I was terrified. I eventually got some butterflies, but butterflies in a good way. We just kept going higher and higher.”

“It was really nice to have a measuring system in place so I could do a jump, find out immediately how high I was, and then go do another jump,” he added.

It’s the second time that Wise has set a high mark at the Audi Nines. In 2016 he shattered the record for highest air on a hip, flying 14.2 meters (46 feet, 6 inches) above the coping.

“I can’t say enough for the crew out here, the Schneestern guys and the whole Audi Nines team, because this is a team effort,” said Wise. “I get to be the guy who gets the highest air, but I could not have done it alone.”
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  1. felix
    felix | 2019-05-02 22:24          

    Vilket fegt jävla hopp, ingenting alls jämfört med vad Simon Dumont gjorde...

  2. SamuelAlander
    SamuelAlander | 2019-04-29 11:15          

    Sjukt! Men Simon Dumonts quarterpipe rekord är på en helt annan nivå

  3. johan
    johan | 2019-04-29 10:05          

    Ja lurigt, vilka regler ska egentligen gälla här. Kan man höja upp landningen ännu mer? och var går gränsen?

  4. LawndartGustav
    LawndartGustav | 2019-04-28 23:26          

    Haha vilken luring, höjer landningen 3m eller så och kallar det rekord, hur tänkte dom där?