Ichiban - Dennis Rajden Japan Ski Season Edit 2020

Just like the title say. This is my compilation of some of the best shots from Japan, Honshu and Hokkaido season 2020.

I (Dennis Rajden, a lvl 4 ski instructor and guide from Sweden) went over to Japan to ski guide the Xtravel Roadtrip 2.0 with lots of stoked and nice guests. And every day meant scoping out the best snow, weather and conditions in the nearby areas on both islands. Thankfully we had a van and could go where the snow had landed... and yeah, the winter turned out really great!

The 2020 winter was a warm one with lots of variable weather. But thankfully i brought a pair of do it all skis. Line Sakana 180cm with a 105mm waist and its beautiful and effective fishtail. These skis made my whole winter to be honest and I'm super happy that i brought them and not wider skis.

The skis have a really playful sidecut (~15 meter radius) and worked wonderful slashing around, playing on the bumps, letting me stay in control and carve like a mad-man. But on the really really deep powder they were almost to quick and a bit wobbly compared to skis with a bigger tail and longer radius. (landing drops at high speeds definitely put me up to a challenge!)

But still i'd say the Line Sakana is one of the best 100+ mm skis on the market since they literally can do it all. (Oh and they carve way better then a many other freeride skis ... and even carving skis, surprisingly. You can feel some quite crazy edge grip if you know what you´re doing!)

Big thanks to Xtravel, all of it's partners and the great company of the Xtravellers.. oh and also BIG thanks to the guests for all the filming!

For me like many others skiing is life, and a great skier is someone who can have fun in any type of snow and make the most out of every run in control. And hopefully my skiing can show you a little bit of that.

Dennis Rajden