Chippis [FULL MOVIE]

A ski/snowboard movie containing riding from Tromso, Norway Krasnaya Polyana, Russia and Valais, Switzerland. It's a good mix between street, bigmountain and some bc kickers where we let the riding and locations carry the story forward through out the season.

Thanks to all the riders and filmers who helped out and to Krasnaya Polyana resort in Russia.

Produced and edit: Elias Henderson
Aerial photography: Elias Henderson, Mikko Jaakkola, Laura Nevala
Main camera:
Elias Henderson, Håvard Sundby, Fred Inge Guttormsen, Laura Nevala, Ilkka Grönberg, Mikko Jaakkola, Mikael Fossbakk
Additional camera:
Sivert Bottolfsen, Sindre Holtet, Johan Kristoffers, Aron Mathisen

Elias Henderson, Ilkka Grönberg, Mikko Jaakkola, Laura Nevala, Håvard Sundby, Fred Inge Guttormsen, Mikael Fossbakk, Sindre Holtet, Joel Burman, Johan Kristoffers.

Music with full license from Artlist:
Winter - Anbr
Meet again - Maya Isac
Mythologica - Ofrin
Dirty waters - Trent Thompson
Howling at the moon - Dfineus
Music by - assafaylon
Doorknob - Thedelorean
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