BASE REALITY - A skiing short by Marcus Rönne feat. Jacob Wester

Marcus Rönne har klippt och filmat unikt. Jacob Wester åker stora berg som en gud. Vad mer behövs? Tja, lite obligatorisk filosofi kanske? Tick i alla tre boxarna där. Detta är kanske den snyggaste skidfilmen i år? Se och njut!

Come along on a visual project telling the story of a profound philosophical concept - the simulation hypothesis - through the language of skiing. What defines reality? What does it mean for something to be real? Are there layers to reality, this one being only one of many, on top of the underlaying foundation of the universe - the Base Reality?

Throughout this project, freeskier Jacob Wester and director Marcus Rönne sets out to explore and portray the simulation argument, proposed by physicist Nick Bostrom, by bending the rules of how to film and view skiing. Join us and find out exactly how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Marcus Rönne

Marcus Rönne
Arthur Maneint

Marcus Rönne

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