Skiing on a sunny day in Riksgränsen 2022

Skiing on a sunny day in Riksgränsen 2022

Watch us skiing and touring on this beautiful sunny day in Riksgränsen Sweden. Skiing on sunny days in Riksgränsen are very rare and youre a lucky one if you get to experience these sunny days!
Skiing in Riksgränsen is very different, its mostly offpiste areas and the mountain is quite steep and challenging.
Skiing on sunny days up there in Riksgränsen is the best experience on skis a human being can get, except for maybe Norway and its fiords.


Riksgränsen is the last outpost on the border to Norway. Its quite weird that they choose to build a ski resort in this area. However its like the coolest place on earth. Skiing here is really wild!


I ski on Line skis Vision 108 with atomic shift bindings. I this video Im wearing Stellar Equipment Free shell system.
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