1st day back!

Woke up this morning to another day of blue sky and high temps. It’s been a week since it snowed and it was followed by high winds, so there’s not much of interest out there at the moment. This is most likely a good thing since I have a tendency to rush important steps if I get too excited about skiing. Headed up to the Brevent tramway and skied a few laps with a friend from Sweden, local shredder Tof Henry and some more people. Great times in the sun on some slushy corduroy!

Now to the actual experience – to be fair I had expected worse from my left ankle. I have a plate connecting my fibula to its lower part, with 8 screws in it. This is basically on the outside of your foot, right over the foot/lower leg joint. It’s definitely noticeable in my ski boot but I could do 3 full runs before it started bothering me. I think a visit to Sole boot lab across the street will take care of it pretty easy, they know what they’re doing. Other than that, which cut my day short at around noon, It felt surprisingly good to be back on snow. Should not be long now before I’m ready to get after it, hopefully we’ll have some fresh snow by then!

Skiing was so fun it was difficult to stop for photos, but here’s a few:


the view from the middle station is not the worst.


Tof Henry is currently coming back from a punctured lung and internal bleeding after hitting a tree in Japan. Today was his second day on skis.


Legs were seriously worked after 2 hours of hot-lapping. I need to remind myself to hurry slowly, still plenty of time to ski down here.



Rolling back into town in our beautiful Mazda CX-5, that Mazda Sweden been so kind to lend to me and Daniel for this winter’s Unfiltered filming. Obviously it hasn’t gone the way it’s been planned, but now we’re back on the mission, April and May will be the months to get productive!

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 13.55.34

Daniel Rönnbäck photo

It feels weird thinking it was only 2 months since I had the injury, and my body is almost completely back to where it was. The human organism is an impressive system sometimes. Skiing today I felt like with a few inches of soft snow I could have gone anywhere, which is way above my expectations going up, thinking I’d only take maybe one run on a flat slope, and instead I lapped the top tram making super-G turns to the bottom! Life is good!


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  1. dudd says:

    Nice update!
    Sincerely stocked for you, Jacob!
    I’m glad that you’ve started skiing again and that you fell comfortable doing it again!
    Ride safe, have fun and don’t forget to about us from time to time

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