Flylow Byxor 2019


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Flylow Smythe Bib 2019
5135 Kr
Flylow Smythe Bib
Everyone loves a solid pair of bibs, and now even the fast-and-light crowd can have a bib of their own. The Smythe Bib is our lightest weight bib. It’s made from The Perm fabric, by Intuitive, for the utmost in air permeability, stretch, and waterpro...
Flylow Firebird Bib 2019
3385 Kr
Flylow Firebird Bib
The Firebird Bibs are the working man’s three-layer bib and were created with toughness in mind. The 10k/10k fabric is waterproof enough to handle the nastiest storms and breathable enough for a tour. They’ve got durable Cordura reinforcements where ...
Flylow Magnum Pant 2.1 2019
3700 Kr
Flylow Magnum Pant 2.1
The ultra-waterproof, now even more lightweight Magnum Pro Pants have just the right amount of stretch to accommodate whatever the day brings: tree skiing, powder hunting, a chicken-wing-eating contest. Large vents and stretchy, jersey-backed breatha...
Flylow Compound Pant 2019
5450 Kr
Flylow Compound Pant
You don’t have to sacrifice a thing when wearing the ultra-tough Compound Pant, which is robust and waterproof for riding lifts in crushing storms but shockingly light and breathable for bootpacks and skin tracks, too. Made from air permeable eVent D...
Flylow Sphinx Bib 2019
3385 Kr
Flylow Sphinx Bib
We had such high demand for our women’s specific bib that we’re now making an insulated version. The Sphinx Bib has all the features you want in a high-performance bib –waterproof, breathable fabric, over-the-chest protection on powder days – but wit...
Flylow Baker Bibs 2019
4520 Kr
Flylow Baker Bibs
Bibs have heaps of powder-slaying benefits, like extra coverage, no snow down your pants, and more pockets. The Baker Bibs are a team favorite at Flylow, thanks to their stout three-layer workwear-inspired fabric, spacious thigh vents, and chest pouc...
Flylow Cage Pant 2019
2670 Kr
Flylow Cage Pant
With the Cage Pant, you’ll get all the high-end features of a ski pant built to last season after season but without any pricy extras or unnecessary gimmicks. Think tough, three-layer fabric, pop colors, reinforced cuffs, and a thigh pocket to stash ...
Flylow Snowman Insulated Pant 2019
2670 Kr
Flylow Snowman Insulated Pant
There will come a day (likely a cold one) when you choose to wear two layers of long underwear bottoms, which feels constricting and stuffy. Instead, opt for the Snowman Insulated Pant, a two-layer hardshell pant lined with a thin layer of micropuff ...
Flylow Sassyfrass Pant 2019
2670 Kr
Flylow Sassyfrass Pant
You wear skinny-leg pants in your daily hustle. Why not sport the same style on the ski hill? The Sassyfrass Pant has that straight-leg, flattering fit but in a three-layer, waterproof fabric coated with a brushed fleecy lining.
Flylow Donna Pant 2019
3700 Kr
Flylow Donna Pant
We’re not suggesting you start cartwheeling in the Donna Pant, but you could — they’ve got that much stretch and versatility. This three-layer, waterproof pant was built for a backcountry tour in any temperatures. Stormproof, jersey-backed fabric pro...
Flylow Nina Pant 2019
4000 Kr
Flylow Nina Pant
You shouldn’t buy ski pants because they’re flattering. But it sure is nice when you find a pair that holds up to the rigors of the mountain and also makes your butt look good. The stretchy and breathable Nina Pant will keep you dry and warm on storm...
Flylow Foxy Bib 2019
4520 Kr
Flylow Foxy Bib
Like your favorite overalls from childhood, the Foxy Bib will surprise you with how flattering and functional they are, whether it’s a storm day or a spring tour. Packed with technical features, the Foxy has an easy-release system for backcountry bat...
Flylow Daisy Insulated Pant 2019
2670 Kr
Flylow Daisy Insulated Pant
From the outside, you’d never know the Daisy Insulated Pant comes with a slim layer of micropuff insulation. It adds warmth but not weight.
Flylow Chemical Pant 2019
4000 Kr
Flylow Chemical Pant
The Chemical Pant, a Flylow classic, has all the features we’ve built our brand on: cross-flow venting, Cordura reinforced cuffs and knees, stormproof three-layer hardshell fabric. Plus, it’s got tons of mobility for moving around in the mountains an...