Flylow Handskar 2017


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Flylow Tough Guy Glove 2017
370 Kr
Flylow Tough Guy Glove
REDESIGNED! Our original work glove, the Tough Guy Glove remains a crowd favorite at Flylow. Made with hand-treated and triple-baked pig-skin leather, the Tough Guy Glove handles everything from shoveling to skiing.
Flylow Upslope Glove 2017
750 Kr
Flylow Upslope Glove
This over-the-cuff glove, a partnership with Colorado’s Upslope Brewery, is made with pigskin leather and a tough 1,000-denier Cordura cuff, then triple baked to ensure it stays dry in a storm.
Flylow John Henry Glove 2017
370 Kr
Flylow John Henry Glove
REDESIGNED! The John Henry Glove is a lightweight and breathable glove that works well for fall mountain biking or spring skiing. It has stretchy woven material on the back of the hand and a treated pigskin leather on the palm.
Flylow Blaster Glove 2.0 2017
1035 Kr
Flylow Blaster Glove 2.0
The Blaster Glove is made with premium Neoprene leather, baffled finger articulation and packed with Primaloft Eco insulation, making it Flylow’s warmest glove yet. It’s then triple baked to ensure waterproofing.
Flylow Ridge Glove 2017
465 Kr
Flylow Ridge Glove
The Ridge Glove is a durable work glove made from pigskin leather that’s been coated with waterproofing Sno-Seal™ and triple baked by legitimate ski bums in our Colorado glove bakery.
Flylow Master Mitt 2.0 2017
1035 Kr
Flylow Master Mitt 2.0
You’re a mitten fan. We get that. The Master Mitt is made from triple-baked premium pigskin leather, treated with waterproofing Sno-Seal™ and stuffed with Primaloft Black Eco insulation. Your fingers will never be cold again.
Flylow Oven Mitt 2017
465 Kr
Flylow Oven Mitt
For cold days, you might prefer a mitten. If so, the Oven Mitt, a classic pigskin leather mitten, makes an excellent choice. It’s been treated with a waterproof coating and triple baked in Colorado in our famous “glovens.”