Flylow Jackor 2019


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Flylow Knight Jacket 2019
3285 Kr
Flylow Knight Jacket
If you took your favorite work coat—that hard canvas jacket you’ve been wearing to chop firewood in for years—and turned it into a tough yet breathable, three-layer ski jacket with all the high-tech amenities, you’d have the Knight Jacket, a Toyota t...
Flylow Lab Coat 2019
5960 Kr
Flylow Lab Coat
We’ve taken eVent DV Expedition fabric, with its supreme waterproofing and air permeability, and created the ultimate ski jacket. The lightweight, backcountry-ready Lab Coat was designed to be worn with a backpack and built to withstand the rigorous ...
Flylow Quantum Pro Jacket 2019
4520 Kr
Flylow Quantum Pro Jacket
Whether you’re bootpacking Glory Bowl or hitchhiking Loveland Pass, the three-layer Quantum Pro Jacket offers loads of articulation to move with you on sweaty ascents and powder-stuffed descents. It’s a workhorse of a jacket, with tough, waterproof f...
Flylow Higgins Coat 2.1 2019
4315 Kr
Flylow Higgins Coat 2.1
The Higgins Coat was built with purpose — nothing is just for show here. Shoulder seams offer articulated movement and an all-new jersey-backed three-layer fabric is soft to touch, offers ample stretch, and dries quickly. Those looking for a no bulk,...
Flylow Daphne Jacket 2019
4825 Kr
Flylow Daphne Jacket
Superior warmth shouldn’t require dressing like a cinnamon bun in layers of puffiness. With the Daphne Jacket, you’ll get a ready-for-the-Arctic insulated coat but in a streamlined, lightweight, packable package, thanks to a two-layer waterproof hard...
Flylow Puma Jacket 2019
3285 Kr
Flylow Puma Jacket
You’ll get the high-end features of a mountaineering coat – three-layer, waterproof fabric and Durable Water Repellent – but in a lightweight, freeride-oriented shell that’s paired with a fuzzy-soft jersey backing.
Flylow Albert Jacket 2019
4830 Kr
Flylow Albert Jacket
Made from a stretchy super light exterior fabric and packed with PrimaLoft Eco insulation, the Albert Jacket doubles as both an insulating piece and a protective shell. So it’s a two-in-one multi-tool, like a spork—only way more useful. Plus, it’s su...
Flylow Sarah Insulated Jacket 2019
3285 Kr
Flylow Sarah Insulated Jacket
A slim layer of micropuff insulation, stretchy exterior fabric, plenty of venting and a breathable membrane—but it has so much style and versatility, you could wear it on the streets, too.
Flylow General’s Down Jacket 2019
2875 Kr
Flylow General’s Down Jacket
The General’s Down Jacket insulates like a down comforter but without the heaviness. Packed with 800-fill goose down, this baffled, multipurpose jacket fits under a shell, packs small for your next road trip, and is tricked out with underarm vents, a...
Flylow Cooper Jacket 2019
5135 Kr
Flylow Cooper Jacket
Custom built for backcountry tours and four-season use, the streamlined, hardshell Cooper Jacket is built with our very own The Perm fabric, by Intuitive, to give you the stretch and air permeability you need for standing shoulder-to-shoulder in crow...
Flylow Roswell Insulated Jacket 2019
3285 Kr
Flylow Roswell Insulated Jacket
The Roswell Insulated Jacket was built for the guy who wants a jacket with a modern, freeride fit but doesn’t want to sacrifice waterproofing or durability. Why can’t you have it all? Now you can. The Roswell has a twolayer hardshell exterior with a ...
Flylow Jody Down Jacket 2019
4000 Kr
Flylow Jody Down Jacket
You shouldn’t have to choose between a hardshell or a puffy down jacket. Why not have both in one? The Jody Down Jacket has a light ripstop waterproof exterior lined with a 600-fill down interior. So you get protection and warmth in one delightful co...
Flylow Betty Down Hoody 2019
2875 Kr
Flylow Betty Down Hoody
Some down jackets feel overbearing and stifling. Not the Betty Down, which is so light and packable. Thanks to 800-fill power goose down, it’s plenty warm enough to be a comfy, I’m-bringing-this-coat-with-me-everywhere insulating layer all year long....
Flylow Billie Coat 2019
4520 Kr
Flylow Billie Coat
Choosing the right ski jacket can feel overwhelming. The Billie Coat solves that by offering everything you need in one gloriously simple shell. Waterproofing. Breathability. Lightness and stretch. Warmth. Style. The perfect fit. It’s all here. Just ...
Flylow Colt Jacket 2019
4000 Kr
Flylow Colt Jacket
For frosty days on the mountain, you’ll want the Colt Down Jacket, a seam taped waterproof hardshell stuffed with 600-fill down. Charge into the trees without fear, the ripstop shell fabric can take a beating. And when body temps rise, use the massiv...
Flylow Vixen Coat 2.1 2019
4315 Kr
Flylow Vixen Coat 2.1
A good ski jacket has many jobs: It needs to keep you warm and dry, first and foremost. If it stretches, breathes, and dries quickly, that’s a bonus. And if it actually looks good and fits right? Well, that’d be a downright miracle. The completely re...