Line Skidor 2019


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Line Magnum Opus 2019
7999 Kr
Line Magnum Opus
The LINE Magnum Opus represents the pinnacle of freestyle powder ski design: nearly symmetrical in shape, fluid, predictable flex throughout, and a catch-free ski feel. The Magnum Opus is Eric?s most dialed, refined o...
Line Mordecai 2019
6999 Kr
Line Mordecai
Adept edge-to-edge in a never-sinking shape, the Mordecai continues to sit in that sweet spot of freestyle powder design. Equally at home on the untracked open faces as it is in blown out chop, the Mordecai provide...
Line Sakana 2019
6999 Kr
Line Sakana
LINE and Eric Pollard have come together yet again to produce the Sakana: a 105mm-waisted swallowtail that embraces the deep-snow DNA of the Pescado. With a unique shape that encourages a wide variety of turn shapes...
Line Sir Francis Bacon 2019
6299 Kr
Line Sir Francis Bacon
From east coast tree shots to high-alpine jump sessions, the Sir Francis Bacon has long been the definitive all-mountain freestyle pow ski – and this year is no different. At 104mm underfoot and built up around the...
Line Honey Badger 2019
3799 Kr
Line Honey Badger
Growlin? around the park and streets, the Honey Badger holds nothing back. The Honey Badger will tackle whatever you put in front of it. Featuring a new Aspen Veneer™ Core that skis better and lasts longer, the Ho...
Line Sick Day 88 2019
4499 Kr
Line Sick Day 88
Roll ?em up on edge and track like never before. The Sick Day 88 racks it up and rallies across frontside like an absolute beast. From east to west, get the reliable hard snow performance you want without blowing...
Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty 2019
3199 Kr
Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty
The young guns need skis, too. And if your idea of skiing involves slashes, surfing, and jibbing the natural features, the Bacon Shorty is made for you. With a 108mm waist and nearly symmetric shape, the Bacon off...
Line Sick Day 114 2019
5999 Kr
Line Sick Day 114
When the storms start frothing and the snow keeps flying, snag the Sick Day 114. With a finely tuned taper and rocker profile and reinforced by Magic Finger Carbon Filaments the Sick Day 114 can blast, arc, and s...
Line Sick Day 104 2019
5499 Kr
Line Sick Day 104
The Sick Day 104 is back for yet another year of award-winning domination. Whether your deep in the backcountry, pinning hardpack, or cracking off pillow zones, the Sick Day 104 offers the versatility needed for a ...
Line Pescado 2019
8499 Kr
Line Pescado
The ski that changed it all. With a massive footprint, soft flex, and plunging, knocked-out tail, the Pescado redefines what it means to ride a directional pow ski. Equipped with a Partly Cloudy™ Core and bamboo si...
Line Supernatural 100 2019
5999 Kr
Line Supernatural 100
With a planted feel and quiet ride thanks to the full sidewall construction and Metal Matrix™ Technology, the Line Supernatural 100 blasts through crud, floats in pow, and locks into the turn no matter the situation...
Line Supernatural 92 2019
5499 Kr
Line Supernatural 92
While you wait for the reset, saddle up and charge on the damp and planted Supernatural 92 – an all-mountain freeride ski reinforced with the trusted Metal Matrix™ Technology. When it?s time for fast laps kicking u...
Line Pandora 94 2019
4999 Kr
Line Pandora 94
Forgo those oversized all-mountain powder skis, and opt for the nimble Pandora 94. With enough rocker and taper to take on those unexpected resets and the bite to handle blown out hardpack, the Pandora 94 offers th...
Line Honey Bee 2019
3499 Kr
Line Honey Bee
Based off of the tough as nails Honey Badger Chassis, the Honey Bee offers durable park performance in an affordable package thanks tothe Aspenlite™ Core and Cap Construction.
Line Tom Wallisch Shorty 2019
2499 Kr
Line Tom Wallisch Shorty
With all the tech of its big brother, the Tom Wallisch Shorty packs a punch in a pint-sized package. Featuring the same lightweight, bomber feel of the TW Pro, the TW Shorty provides the high-end performance neede...
Line Pandora 104 2019
5499 Kr
Line Pandora 104
With a refined rocker profile, attuned tapering, and a svelte 104 waist, the all-new Pandora 104 marries deep snow performance with hardpack capabilities. Push into the backcountry, pilfer the secret stashes, and rail ...
Line Sick Day 94 2019
4999 Kr
Line Sick Day 94
Churn through the crud and leave the other nerds in your wake on with the Sick Day 94. Quickly stacking up awards the world over, the Sick Day 94 provides unmatched edge hold and a consistent flex –thanks the Ma...
Line Tom Wallisch Pro 2019
4299 Kr
Line Tom Wallisch Pro
Tom Wallisch has been pushing the forefront of park and street skiing for over a decade now. Whether he?s stepping to urban quad kinks late into the night or maching into perfectly sculpted park jumps, Tom is clic...
Line Blend 2019
5299 Kr
Line Blend
Harder to kick than a bad habit, the Blend returns for yet another year of it?s rail-greasin?, nose buttering, all-mountain cruisin? good times. The Blend offers the damp, durable performance in an oversized footprint...
Line Supernatural 86 2019
4999 Kr
Line Supernatural 86
Rally hard, grip and rip, and blast past all your friends skittering around on their oversized powder skis when it hasn?t snowed in weeks. Featuring the beefy Metal Matrix™, Maple Macroblock™ Core, and full-length si...
Line Pandora 84 2019
3999 Kr
Line Pandora 84
For those early groomer laps, exploratory tree missions, and anything the frontside of the mountain can throw at you, pick up the Pandora 84 and make hardpack an enjoyable experience again.
Line Chronic 2019
4999 Kr
Line Chronic
With over a decade in the game as the preeminent park ski, the Chronic returns for yet another year. With a slightly wider footprint, and a reimagined rocker and flex pattern, the Chronic takes on the whole mounta...