Zag Skidor 2019


20 skidor

Zag S-112 Lady 2019
6077 Kr
Zag S-112 Lady
A ski build that does not go for subtleties for women who do the same once they are deep in the powder! Adapted for female skiers, the Slap 112 Lady is lightweight with surprising maneuverability for a ski with such a build. Imposing rockers both in ...
Zag S-104 Lady 2019
5880 Kr
Zag S-104 Lady
This ski addresses women who are looking for a versatile ski ready to play off-piste and also perform on-piste. Light and easy in fresh snow, the Slap 104 Lady is also strong on the groomers thanks to its short radius and great traction on hard snow.
Zag S-104 2019
5880 Kr
Zag S-104
Intrigued by freeride but unready to leave the groomers forever? Easy in difficult snow, the Slap 104 permits skiers to play with off-piste terrain but also carve long turns thanks to its excellent traction on hard and groomed snow.
Zag Ubac 102 2019
6545 Kr
Zag Ubac 102
A minimal burden during the climb despite its 102mm waist thanks to a light-weight design that out-performs all competition. Big brother to the Ubac 95, the Ubac 102 guarantees higher performance in the powder as well as at high speeds. Playful and h...
Zag Bakan 2019
6640 Kr
Zag Bakan
A generous sidecut and long double rockers, but a surprisingly insignificant weight! Stable, forgiving, unsinkable, and comfortable, the Bakan is destined for freeriders who wish to access the most beautiful slopes on their own two feet.
Zag Ubac-95 2019
6499 Kr
Zag Ubac-95
Approved by the Guides of Chamonix, the Ubac 95 is one of the greats in terms of touring skis! Totally reinvented as a result of long hours of work in our ZAG Lab, the new Ubac 95 improves on its already strong fundamentals. Even more effective and s...
Zag H95 Lady 2019
5690 Kr
Zag H95 Lady
Designed for women who wish to frequently adventure off of the groomers, the H-95 Lady combines all-mountain performance and ease-of-use. Excellent on-piste and ready to take on the powder with seemingly uncanny ease, this ski will reveal your advent...
Zag Adret 81 2019
6444 Kr
Zag Adret 81
Designed for those who wish to gobble up the descent or those who simply want to lighten the climb, the Adret 81 does not deviate from ZAG’s freeride DNA. Ultra-light thanks to various technologies, this ski’s profile will allow you to carve small tu...
Zag H105 2019
6150 Kr
Zag H105
A long progressive tip and a flat end for skiers who desire a dynamic, maneuverable and incredibly stable ski that knows how to cut through any typeof snow. Whatever the conditions, this ski offers a light, powerful, and soft ride off-piste.
Zag H-112 2019
6350 Kr
Zag H-112
As its name suggests, this ski is not designed foreveryone. An «H» for «Hospital» followed by the European emergency phone number, you will find the H-112 under the feet of high level competitors. The reason? Its stability at high speeds and its long...
Zag S-112 2019
6070 Kr
Zag S-112
Feather-light for a ski at 112 mm underfoot! Destined to devour powder fields or navigate snowy forests, the Slap 112 will still surprise you with its versatility even when you leave its preferred terrain.
Zag S-122 2019
6550 Kr
Zag S-122
Do you know how to find your limits? Tolerant and adaptive to all ski styles by using its lift, the Slap 122 will make you blissfully push your pace and gain speed whether the snow be untracked or already chopped. What’s more, its surprising maneuver...
Zag H-88 2019
5500 Kr
Zag H-88
An all-mountain ski accessible to everyone! The H-88 is a playful, maneuverable, and light ski. Ultra- responsive and gifted with excellent traction on hard snow, this ski is easy to get familiar with for a guaranteed thrill on the first meters of sk...
Zag H-95 2019
5680 Kr
Zag H-95
Developed and adopted by the ski patrollers of the Mont-Blanc Valley, the H-95 offers comfort, security, and performance on the whole mountain. Not only does this ski glide through turns of any size on-piste, the H-95 will bring you enthusiastically ...
Zag Adret 88 Lady 2019
6540 Kr
Zag Adret 88 Lady
Designed for women who are looking for the perfect touring ski for both the climb and the descent, the Adret 88 Lady offers absolute comfort and a guaranteed thrill! A feather-lightness will lead you to explore all different types of terrain!
Zag Ubac-95-Lady 2019
6499 Kr
Zag Ubac-95-Lady
The Ubac 95 Lady is designed for female tourers who know that one must climb to enjoy the best descents. Also resulting from long hours of work In the ZAG Lab, this brand new ski surprises with its versatility. On groomers and in powder fields, this ...
Zag Ubac Team 2019
3399 Kr
Zag Ubac Team
Tour with the whole family! Designed for young eager adventurers of unexplored slopes, the Ubac Team provides lightness for the climb and enjoyment on the descent, not to mention happy family memories!
Zag H-85 Lady 2019
5500 Kr
Zag H-85 Lady
Intuitive and comfortable, don’t judge this ski by its narrow waist and short turn radius. While allowing you to carve effortless turns on the groomers, this ski is also remarkably versatile off-piste, especially thanks to its progressive tips. This ...
Zag Slap Team 2019
3399 Kr
Zag Slap Team
Because young freeriders also need real skis to truly enjoy themselves! Little brother of the Slaps, this ski will allow more youngsters to enjoy great conditions and challenge their elders.
Zag Adret 88 2019
6540 Kr
Zag Adret 88
A reference in the weight/performance ratio category, the Adret 88 is made for tourers who wish to make no compromise between weight and enjoyment. In addition to its feather-lightness, the Adret 88 provides versatility on all types of snow and will ...