Bataleon Snowboards 2020


29 snowboards

Bataleon Omni 2020
4999 Kr
Bataleon Omni
The Omni is a sleek and nimble directional board that can step up when challenged. Equally comfortable on fresh groomers or in deep powder, this board will not disappoint.
Bataleon The One 2020
6999 Kr
Bataleon The One
The One is the best all-mountain board money can buy. It’s built with years of 3D design knowledge and assembled with the best materials available. From pow to groomers, this board can handle it all with ease.
Bataleon Carver 2020
4999 Kr
Bataleon Carver
Utilizing the advantages of 3BT™, we were able to create a wider than average carving board that is fun to ride in everyday situations. If riding on edge is your passion, the Carver is the board for you.
Bataleon CT 2020
4999 Kr
Bataleon CT
The CT carves up groomers just as well as it floats through pow. It’s the ultimate proof that our patented 3D base profiles make for more versatile snowboards.
Bataleon Boss 2020
5999 Kr
Bataleon Boss
Built with the highest grade materials, the Boss makes no compromises when it comes to your park pursuits. The bigger the lines, jumps or terrain the better it gets.
Bataleon Party Wave 2020
3999 Kr
Bataleon Party Wave
Drop in and hang loose with the crew on the Party Wave, a short, fat shape designed for endless fun on and off piste. Meant to be ridden 5-10 cm shorter than your all-mountain board.
Bataleon Fun.Kink 2020
4299 Kr
Bataleon Fun.Kink
Described by some as the funnest ride on earth, the Fun.Kink is built to transition from park laps to allmountain cruising with ease. It’s perfectly suited for beginners and experts alike.
Bataleon Distortia 2020
4499 Kr
Bataleon Distortia
The Distortia is built for riders who view the mountain with a freestyle eye. The 3D profile paired with a medium flex make this the perfect board for park laps, butters and all-mountain cruising.
Bataleon Whatever 2020
4599 Kr
Bataleon Whatever
The name says it all. The Whatever is an all around freestyle board that does everything, and does it well. Whatever the terrain, whatever the conditions, the Whatever takes it in stride.
Bataleon Surfer Ltd. 2020
11999 Kr
Bataleon Surfer Ltd.
The Surfer’s ultra wide 3D nose and deep cut swallowtail offer effortless float on the deepest days. The progressive outline paired with POW 3BT™ guarantee powerful turns and astonishing edge hold. This board is truly beyond belief. Be the envy of th...
Bataleon Stallion 2020
6299 Kr
Bataleon Stallion
The Stallion is wider than average boards to accommodate riders with big feet. We beefed it up to handle larger, more powerful riders while the 3D shaping ensures responsive nimble performance without compromise.
Bataleon Goliath 2020
5499 Kr
Bataleon Goliath
A fan favorite, the Goliath combines power, precision, and agility into a freestyle, all-mountain shape that will keep you happy regardless of the conditions.
Bataleon BYNDxMDLS 2020
4899 Kr
Bataleon BYNDxMDLS
Bataleon team rider Tor Lundström and best friend Kevin Bäckström’s award winning web series, Beyond Medals, has evolved over the years into a full fledged crew and street wear label. This special edition Goliath is done in the same fashion forward a...
Bataleon Surfer 2020
7999 Kr
Bataleon Surfer
The Surfer’s ultra wide 3D nose and deep cut swallowtail offer effortless float on the deepest days. The progressive outline paired with POW 3BT™ guarantee powerful turns and astonishing edge hold. This board is truly beyond belief.
Bataleon Jam 2020
6299 Kr
Bataleon Jam
The Jam is the board in your quiver for top level performance. This allmountain freestyle deck is tuned for experienced riders in search of a high end board to handle it all. The more power you give it, the more it gives back.
Bataleon Disaster 2020
3999 Kr
Bataleon Disaster
Building on years of jib dominance, the Disaster is ready to demolish the park like nobody’s business. It’s soft flex, low camber and subtle 3D profile is the perfect mix for all types of trouble. Base typeface by Aaron Schwartz.
Bataleon Feelbetter 2020
4299 Kr
Bataleon Feelbetter
This soft and forgiving board is designed for riders looking to progress with confidence. The 3D shaping will make edge catches a thing of the past allowing you to focus on riding. Why feel good, when you can feel better!
Bataleon Evil Twin 2020
4899 Kr
Bataleon Evil Twin
There is no freestyle park board more versatile than the award winning Evil Twin. This legendary board has been a staple in our line since day one and should be your go to snowboard for freestyle riding.
Bataleon Storm 2020
5299 Kr
Bataleon Storm
Introduced last season, the Storm immediately drew praise from the industry’s top women. This all-mountain machine is worthy of the most epic conditions and will carry you through any storm.
Bataleon Minishred 2020
2399 Kr
Bataleon Minishred
We build the Minishred the same way we build all our boards; with a tip to tail wood core. The forgiving advantages of 3BT™ will help young riders progress faster thanks to catch free edges, while also giving them the ability to learn carving at low ...
Bataleon Blow 2020
3699 Kr
Bataleon Blow
The Blow is a no-nonsense park and jib board. Jump on, and let this board blow you away.
Bataleon Love Powder 2020
4999 Kr
Bataleon Love Powder
The Love Powder is a true bit of magic. Effortless float off piste and superior performance on slopes make this powder board an all-mountain champ.
Bataleon Magic Carpet 2020
5799 Kr
Bataleon Magic Carpet
With its huge matching 3D nose and tail, the Magic Carpet is the ultimate resort powder board. Going switch in powder has never been this fun. Ransack the sidecountry and send it on side hits.
Bataleon Spirit 2020
3699 Kr
Bataleon Spirit
New last season, the Spirit is built to inspire courage in riders and foster progression. The soft flex and 3D shaping guarantee high spirits no matter what your riding level.
Bataleon Push Up 2020
4699 Kr
Bataleon Push Up
The Push Up is the perfect choice for women who want to push their allmountain freestyle riding to the next level. It’s ready to go in all conditions.
Bataleon She W 2020
4699 Kr
Bataleon She W
Taking its cues from the popular Global Warmer, the She W is a high end park board, built for riders that demand the very best from their gear. It’s soft yet stable flex will give you all the support you need.
Bataleon Chaser 2020
3699 Kr
Bataleon Chaser
Chase the dream with the Bataleon Chaser. This mid flex board with 3D shaping is ready to take your all-mountain riding to new heights.
Bataleon Wallie 2020
4599 Kr
Bataleon Wallie
A fresh and innovative shape for jibbing and park riding, the Bataleon Wallie will open up a new world of possibilities with it’s skate inspired Wallie Tips™. It’s a team favorite that secured its place as an instant classic in the line.
Bataleon Global Warmer 2020
4999 Kr
Bataleon Global Warmer
The Global Warmer is a high end twin board, fine tuned for park riding. With a soft flex, reinforced for stability, it can be ridden in the jib line or on the big kickers, making it one of the most functional jib boards out there.